Meet NuTrend Custom Cabinet Solutions

Owner Spotlight – The People Behind The Business

Get to know this husband and wife team, Mac and Joyce Hofer, local owners of Nu Trend Kitchens in Brandon, MB.

If you stop by to visit the Nu Trend Custom Cabinet show room, not only will you enter one of the most beautiful spaces in Brandon, you will also be warmly greeted by Joyce with a smile and an eagerness to help you find the cabinet solution you have been looking for.

Mac and Joyce are passionate about creating the best, most beautiful, functional space. Anyone can design a kitchen, but to bring the passion of what you would want for your own kitchen into your client’s kitchen, is what drew them into the business. Joyce says the best compliment is when their clients say, “I LOVE my kitchen!”

If you are looking to express yourself through the design of your kitchen, your family room, your in home bar or even your bathroom, Joyce and Mac take the time to get to know you. They listen to what you are looking for and based on their expertise in this field are able to provide a variety of unique solutions, whether that be in configuration, finishes, hardware or construction. As Mac says, “if you are looking for boxes on a wall, we might not be for you but if you are looking for something unique yet practical, you should come see us.”

NuTrend Custom Cabinet Solutions has been around since 2013 and for them it is not just about cabinets and design. It is about forming genuine connections. From the minute you walk into the showroom you will immediately know you have met two of the most caring and passionate people we know…check them out!

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