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Podcasts Worth Checking Out

Like many of you, in the last couple of years I have started to listen to a lot more podcasts. They are a great way to expand your thinking and to hear stories about and from some of the most amazing people. I am often asked about the ones I listen to. While there is …

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shutdown quarantine

5 Things To Build Your Business When Shutdown

In the last week or so, many business owners suddenly find themselves with some extra time on their hands, now that they are shutdown. The businesses they have been so busy running, day to day, have now ground somewhat to a halt.

get out of your box

3 Ways To Get Out Of Your Box

If you are a small business owner, you will understand when I say, the size or ability of your organization is directly dependent on your level of thinking, so if you want to change it, get out of your box. For example, if you believe your team is up to any challenge, then you likely …

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What Gets Measured Gets Done

What Gets Measured Gets Done

There is the adage, what gets measured, gets done. You will have seen examples of this, over and over again, where it proved to be true. It could be as simple as the list of things you create for yourself to get done or it could be the measures you have in your workplace to …

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Take The Time To Change

Last week I had the pleasure of facilitating a change management / innovation workshop. Throughout the discussions, there was the topic of how to overcome resistance to change. From my perspective, I am not sure most people are all that resistant to change. What they are resistant to, is being changed and there is a …

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A Budget Can Make Or Break You

Whether personally or professionally, many of us are aware we should have a budget and more importantly, stick to it. Yet, how many really do? According to a Gallup Poll, less that two thirds of people have a personal budget and less than half of businesses do. The statistics are pretty scary, considering that you …

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