Building Your Mindset


A Perspective On Conflict

A Little Conflict Can Be A Good Thing In my experience, very few people really like conflict. Now, I am sure you can think of a person or two that seems to, because they always seem to create it, but even if you were to ask them, they likely wouldn’t tell you that conflict isn’t …

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A Pandemic…Full Of Lessons

The Lessons I Want To Keep Going Forward I am grateful there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to this pandemic. Businesses are once again open, and the little things are getting back to normal. This whole thing will go down in the story books as an …

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Employees, hiring

Great Employees Are Made

Part One – It Starts With Hiring We all dream of having the perfect employee. You know the one, who never makes a mistake, who can anticipate our next need (even before we have it), who handles themselves and your customers with the grace of saint, the one that will simply make your life better…the …

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