Building Your Mindset


Podcasts Worth Checking Out

Like many of you, in the last couple of years I have started to listen to a lot more podcasts. They are a great way to expand your thinking and to hear stories about and from some of the most amazing people. I am often asked about the ones I listen to. While there is …

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Stop Running Scenarios

In times of uncertainty it can be difficult to stop running scenarios in your head, but what if I told you were creating more problems than you were solving? Its true, and here’s why. Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling uncertain, not very often are you running scenarios where you have won …

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Dealing With Uncertainty

Throughout our lives, each of us will face a time of incredible uncertainty. It could be when someone close to us gets sick. It could be when there is some sort of break up. It could be the threats associated with a pandemic. As people we don’t like uncertainty. In fact, we hate it. It …

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get out of your box

3 Ways To Get Out Of Your Box

If you are a small business owner, you will understand when I say, the size or ability of your organization is directly dependent on your level of thinking, so if you want to change it, get out of your box. For example, if you believe your team is up to any challenge, then you likely …

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Too Busy To Know Yourself

I am going to ask you a question and chances are, at least initially, you are going to answer yes. The question is, “Is being busy what really matters?” I often hear people telling others about how busy they are. They are running to this meeting or that one. They are carting kids from this …

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