Your Focus Could Be Killing All Hope

I believe in the adage…you get what you choose to focus on, so be sure to choose wisely.

Over the past couple of weeks, if you follow us on social media, you know we, along with our families, have been involved in a community bingo challenge. The challenge involves doing a variety of activities, like taking a selfie in front of your favorite business, buying coffee for a stranger and doing take out from your favorite restaurant. Nothing too difficult. All meant to get you out of the house and keep you busy, when basically everything else has been shutdown.

I like to see the positive side of things. It doesn’t mean there aren’t times when it might not be the case, but in general my world leans more towards possibility. In my belief, that you get what you choose to focus on, I have heard over and over, people tell me I am just avoiding things or that I have blinders on. Others have told me how important it is to face reality.

I can get that argument, and at the same time reject it and here’s why.

The interpretation of every event, lies with the individual. While we could agree a pandemic is a terrible thing, is it also possible that it is one of the best things to happen to a small business owner that was showcased on a national television program and now has more orders than they could have dreamt for? Is it possible that in some cases parents have been able to spend more time with their children creating an entirely different kid of relationship? It is possible that our world has figured out an entirely different way of developing vaccines, that will forever change the impact disease has on us as a human race?

Choosing to see the silver lining, does not mean that ugly stuff is not happening. Whether a glass is half empty or half full, there is still water.

As we have been posting our various pictures on each of our social media accounts, I have been amazed at the range of comments. Some people have commented how our favorite places are also theirs, giving us something new in common. Others have told us they were unaware of some of the community gems we revealed in our posts. One of my friend from Winnipeg realized he shared the same name as Jeff and after some back and forth, it turns out they are cousins.

There has also been the fair share of questions. Why are you doing so much posting? Are you promoting the community? Are you trying to apply for a different job? Do you have to do this?

Personally, I believe the interest in it comes down to one thing….hope.

Whether the glass is half full or half empty, we all really just want to know there is water. We can all take our fair share of bad, as long as we know that at some point good will return. We don’t need a whole lot, except in order to go on, we do need to have some hope. Even if it is in seeing it through the eyes of others.

I know that focusing on the good, doesn’t mean the bad and ugly don’t exist, but in focusing on the good….it gives me hope!

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