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Social Media

The Love Hate Of Social Media

Is It The Marketing Channel For You? Most of us, as business owners, have a love hate relationship when it comes to social media. Most business owners fall into a couple of different camps; those who have set up accounts but nothing more, those using it because they don’t want to get left behind but …

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Measuring Your Sales Process

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved In our data driven world, there is so much information, that sometimes it is difficult to decide what is best to measure when it comes to managing your sales function. Before we get into what to measure, it is even more important to talk a little about the accuracy of …

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Employees, hiring

Great Employees Are Made

Part One – It Starts With Hiring We all dream of having the perfect employee. You know the one, who never makes a mistake, who can anticipate our next need (even before we have it), who handles themselves and your customers with the grace of saint, the one that will simply make your life better…the …

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