Throw Out Those Resolutions

Well, we finally turned the calendar and have made it to a new year! If you have followed me over the years, you know I am not much for new year’s resolutions.

That said, like you, I do get excited about a new year. For me, it is even better than the feeling you get just before your open a Christmas present.. You know…that moment when you are wondering what is under all the wonderful wrapping and bows. That moment when all possibility exists and you hope whatever you unwrap, will be exactly what you imagined it could be.

I like to think of a new year as having that exact same possibility. The promise that this year will be full of everything I imagined it could be.

For me they key to starting any new year comes in what I “imagine” I want it to be. Now for some of you, that may sound a lot like a resolution, but let me explain how I see it as different.

When I hear most describe a resolution, it sounds like; “This year, I am going to join the gym and workout 4 times a week.”, or “I am going to stop biting my nails.” It sounds like you might be trying to give yourself rules or an order and hoping if you talk sternly enough to yourself, somehow this time it will work.

The problem with this is you lose sight of what you are truly pursuing by trying to control your behavior, rather than focusing on the possibility you are really hoping for.

Chances are if you were thinking about going to the gym it is for a bigger reason. It could be because you want to be able to go up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. It could be you want to look good in your summer shorts or you want to increase your flexibility. It could be you want to be able to participate more with your children in their activities. These are the “whys” behind the rule or order you have decided to put in place. This is your imagined future.

The gym represents only one way of achieving this, but by putting your focus there, first off you ignore the fact other solutions could also exist to help you achieve your “why” . Second, hopefully you do go to the gym and you achieve what you ultimately imagined, but odds are somewhere along the way things will fall apart. The minute you feel like you failed at that one thing, often time you give up for a moment on achieving what you ultimately hope in creating, until the next time when you go at it all over again.

In my experience, rather than focus on putting in place a bunch or rules or orders, get in touch with what you imagine your life to be. Get in touch with your “why” and keep your focus there. If you want to make more money, focus on the why. May be you want to be able to take your family on an adventure, something you can share together. Or maybe having money will allow you to demonstrate your love by being able to share with others.

In everything we do, there is a “why” behind it. When you get focused on what you imagine life could be then, then a new year brings with it, all kinds of possibility, including in your business!

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