Stop Running Scenarios

In times of uncertainty it can be difficult to stop running scenarios in your head, but what if I told you were creating more problems than you were solving? Its true, and here’s why.

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling uncertain, not very often are you running scenarios where you have won a million dollars and are now driving around in the car of your dreams?

In fact, the scenarios you run are depicting events far worse than anything that has ever happened to you. If your child is late for curfew, you are thinking about what could have happened; did they get in an accident, did someone abduct them, maybe they got rushed to the hospital. You don’t run the scenario where they are late because they dropped by the store to pick you up your favorite snack. The truth is, we build the worst case.

Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty. We don’t know when we will be able to return to normal life, or even how much normal life will have shifted. We don’t know the impact this virus will have on our communities and our families. We are simply uncertain about a lot of things and none of us will ever know until the point it is all over (at which point, I am sure we will become uncertain about something else).

Recently, a number of people have told me they are emotionally drained and are struggling to deal with some of this. I told them what I about to tell you. Flip over the record playing in your head. Turn it to the other side. Instead of the country song where you lost your girl and are drowning your sorrows in your whiskey. Bring out the Sound of Music…you know the one…”the hills are alive with the sound of music” (now you will have that song buzzing around in your head all day…you can thank me later…lol!)

Seriously, run the scenarios where there is a positive future where your business is back up and running and people are flooding in your doors. Run the scenario, where you happen to stumble upon a person, who unfortunately got laid off somewhere else, but turns out to be the perfect fit for your organization. Think about the fun you are having with your friends, sitting on the patio sharing some laughs. Think about seeing your loved ones and giving them the hug, you have been missing out on. Flip the record.

If you ever attend one of our seminars, at some point I am sure you will hear me say, “If you are going to make up shit, make up good shit”. We don’t live in reverse, so we will never know what it going to happen. When you focus on the bad, then you rob this very moment of the good. You deserve the good, so flip the record and enjoy the music!

Stay well!