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5 Things To Build Your Business When Shutdown

In the last week or so, many business owners suddenly find themselves with some extra time on their hands, now that they are shutdown. The businesses they have been so busy running, day to day, have now ground somewhat to a halt.

It’s a time filled with uncertainty. No one knows how long social distancing, and quarantining are going to last. No one knows the impact all this will have on your business. No one has the answers, but this doesn’t mean you can’t tip the odds in your favor.

You have heard the adage, “work on your business and not in it”. Whether you like it or not, you have been provided with the opportune time to do exactly that.

Here are five things you could do, right now, to help your business be ready to come out of this:

  • Learn to use Social Media – Many people have no idea how to use their social media to the fullest. Sure, they post interesting things, but there is so much more. Take a look a little deeper and explore how you might be able to engage your customer base in an entirely different way. It could be putting together a group, using Facebook live, or simply asking people to like your page.
  • Document Critical Process – If nothing else, this event has brought to light that none us of are indispensable. There are critical processes in every business, but the “know how” and knowledge lives in someone’s head. Take a bit of time and write the important things down, so that others could pick up on key responsibilities. It will make you stronger as a leader, knowing that in times of crisis, you can engage others to assist you.
  • Survey Your Customers – In general, we sometimes get frustrated with being surveyed, but at this time there are a whole lot of people with time on their hands. This could be the opportune time to put together a survey to find out how you could serve your customers better and increase the value you provide. Better yet, why not pick up the phone and have a conversation beyond simply the survey. Show them you care.
  • Learn Something – So many times, we put off training because there is never enough time after running the business. Now is the perfect time, to take some training. Maybe you want to learn how to sell better or how to put together a google ad. Maybe there is some industry specific training, you can get online. Increase the value you can provide to your customers by increasing your skills and knowledge.
  • Create a Lead List – Regardless of your business, there are people you know or don’t really know yet, that you have thought about reaching out to, in relation to your business. Sit down over a cup of coffee and write down a few names and come up with a plan to reach out to them. Maybe you are going to drop them an email and find out how they are doing. Maybe you are going to send them a copy of your most recent catalog, with a note. Maybe you decide to give them a call.

It can feel like, at this time, the world is happening “TO” you and you have no control. It is up to you to flip the tables and focus on the things you can control. Recognize the things you have put off because you didn’t have the time and notice this is no longer the excuse. Use this time!