Building Your Market


Better Does Not Differentiate You

A challenge for most business owners is the idea of, “how do I provide a unique product or service that differentiates me from my competition?” As I have discussed before, often times when I ask a potential client how they differentiate themselves, I hear things like; they have superior quality and exceptional customer service. There …

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customer service

Ramp Up Your Customer Service

Customer service is an interesting thing. For us it fits into the category of quality. Almost every time we ask a business owner what sets them and their company apart from their competition, they will tell us it is their quality and customer service. I often laugh and say of course I would expect them …

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speak up

Learning To Speak Up

Early in your life you were told things like; think before you speak up and raise your hand before you talk. This was enforced over and over again, until you conditioned yourselves to not speak aloud; until you had fully internalized what you wanted to say. Even at this point, sometimes you might internalize and …

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