Never Be Too Busy For Coffee

As the owner of a business or a leader responsible for a group of people within an organization, it is easy to get caught up the busy-ness that is generally your job.

Of course, there are always a lot that needs to be done; projects to complete, information needing to be passed along, new ideas to be implemented, you name it. At the same time, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all done.

This is, in fact, the story of most people’s lives, so what I am going to tell you next, may initially seem like another thing to add to your list, but it really isn’t meant to. In fact, it is meant to do the opposite.
I am going to make the argument, if you want to be less busy, prioritize building your network. What? I know you are saying to yourself, “so now you want me to add going for a coffee, or to a network event to my already crazy list.”

That is exactly what I am saying!

Before you write my idea off, here are a list of arguments for you to consider:

  • Argument #1 – New and fresh ideas – It is easy to get caught in a pattern of thinking and to feel alone in our own challenges. It can be easy to think no one has ever had the face the things we face, but in reality, there are lots of people who have. When you have a strong network, when things get tough, you have people you can reach out to. They can help provide a different perspective, help you source out solutions and can give you the advice you need, saving you both time and money.
  • Argument #2 – Opens you up to new opportunities – That list in front of you can appear to be the most important thing right now, but it is only because you are looking at a list related to your current reality. What if there was an opportunity available, that would make anything else you are looking at, seem minuscule in comparison? When you expand your network, you expand your opportunities and you might find there are even better things out there, that could really use your time and resources.
  • Argument #3 – Boosts your self esteemWe all get caught in our own muck and when it happens, it is easy to doubt yourself. When you get out and talk to others and when you share your own ideas and advice, it allows you to see a different side of yourself. The feeling that comes from being able to help others, allows you to tackle your own lists with a lot more energy and with an entirely different mindset.

In my experience, most people want to help other people. We want to feel useful and needed. In expanding your network, you tell the people around you that you care for them, and you allow them to care for you.

Make having a coffee once a week a priority. It really is that simple. The list may still be there, however my guess is when you expand your network, what is important is likely going to change.