Building Your Systems

Yank and Jerk

Avoid the Yank and Jerk

The one thing I love about working with business owners, is their crazy ability to generate all kinds of ideas and thoughts. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their business, to be better bosses and in how they can best serve their customers or clients. For many of them, the world is full …

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Cash Is Everything In Business

Last week, in one of our workshops, I introduced the idea that cash in a business is a representation of an owner’s ability to convert raw inputs (materials, equipment and people) into a product or service that a consumer was willing to pay more for, than what it cost to convert it. Sounds pretty simple. …

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Practice innovating

Practice Innovating

One of the things we continually discuss with our business clients, is the importance of taking the time and making the effort to practice innovating. Back in the eighties and nineties, it was referred to as “thinking outside the box” or earlier this century it was, “pushing outside the boundaries”. While innovation and the process …

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