Sales Is The Lifeblood Of Business

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Knowing how to make more sales, without being salesy, is how you win the game. Even if you aren’t looking to win anything, the extra revenue and income that comes from more sales makes business, and life so much better.

You connect with an ideal prospect, and it seems as though you have a perfect connection. You’re convinced this person is going to say YES. Then you’re disappointed and confused when they don’t buy. Suddenly, all of your insecurities come flooding in…feelings of discouragement, frustration, and self-doubt. Maybe you decide nothing works, or your products aren’t good enough, or nothing sells, or…on and on.

In the moment your fears and self-doubt are triggered, but rather than reacting based on those feelings…instead breathe deeply, refuse to make any decisions until you find your “power center.” Here are some tips to help find your power center.

  • Start to see sales not as some necessary evil but as the doorway to helping people who need you to get past their fear (which you’ve experienced too) and make a buying decision which will benefit them greatly.
  • Hiding your brilliance under a blanket of humility and shyness will keep your message hidden. You must be visible and confident to get noticed and to get a “yes”.
  • Offer prospects a reason to buy now, and offer them a way to remove the risk from buying.
  • Anticipate any buying concerns they may have and address those concerns before they bring them up.
  • Ask for a yes. Don’t lead up to it and then hope your prospect will say “let’s get started”. Ask clearly and then wait for the answer.

People need your help and expertise, but building a business means mastering the sales process, feeling comfortable and getting what your worth. If people don’t know what you do, they aren’t in the position to pay you for what you do. So you must let people know what you do. Make this a priority and you’ll see massive improvement in the results you’re getting.

Selling is about showing someone how your solution can solve their problem. You are doing your followers a disservice if you shy away from helping them. Many people try to convince others to buy their products and services, and they get answers like, “I’m not interested” or “that sounds nice, but not right now.” The only reason why they hear those types of answers is because they’re not starting with a big problem. If they did, their customer would already would want to change it. They wouldn’t need to convince them of anything.

If you’re talking to people who have a problem you can solve, and they’re able to pay for it, they’re not going to worry about the fact you’re selling to them.They’re going to imagine how great life would be when you solve the problem for them.This is some common sense so, I’ll end off from a quote by David Ogilvy “When you advertise fire-extinguishers, open with the fire!”