Meet Hairistocracy Salon and Spa

Owner Spotlight – The People Behind The Business

Brandon has been home to Hairistocracy Salon and Spa for more than thirty years. The company, founded by Mo and Heather Karrouze, has grown over the years around a core set of values; a passion for art, community and family.

True to their values, while they were building their company, they were also building a family. Jenna, Meaghan, Amie and Emily, their daughters, all grew up around the business and much of their clientele has not only had the chance to see these beautiful ladies grow up, but now get to see them take on an active role in the business.

In September 2020, sadly Mo passed away leaving a void in the hearts of these strong and resilient women, however he also left them with a legacy, they are determined to carry on.

While there are staple services to running a business in this industry, the women of Hairistocracy continue to push the limits by continually engaging in training into the newest products and services provided in the industry, expanding on their eco-friendly product lines, adapting with the use of social media and online booking applications in order to meet the needs of their clientele.

While all of this keeps the company relevant, they along with their team members, Lily Korbet and Denver Hunt stay true to the concept of family and community, by ensuring everyone who walks through the door is taken care of and does, in fact, feel like….family!

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