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Owner Spotlight – The People Behind The Business

Kori started the business in 2019, after spending many years in the corporate world in finance.

While working, she took her training to become a Certified Life and Divorce Coach and has numerous courses under her belt when it comes to natural energy healing. She has always had a passion for helping people and takes great satisfaction in seeing people grow and recover from pain and stress.

Natural Elements didn’t happen over night. It took years of researching, planning and testing before Kori was finally able to put her own stamp of approval on the types of services she wanted to bring to the community.

Natural Elements is a wellness centre that offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for Halotherapy to help with respiratory issues or Floating to help relieve pain, anxiety or stress, you can be rest assured you will be be treated to a clean and sanitized environment that is sure to ease your mind, the minute you walk in the door. What is even better is you are able to book a time that works for you, by accessing their online booking system (click here).

In addition to these services, Kori hand selects some of the most amazing products and accessories, to help you on your journey to vibrant health. Whenever possible she chooses locally made items that are natural and environmentally responsible and it is always a treat to check out the ever changing items on the shelves.

Kori’s vision, when she started the business was to build a warm, welcoming atmosphere, where her clients could come relax, unwind, regenerate and grow. It is because she has done exactly that, that she has been able to make sure a huge impact. There is so much more to this business, you really do need to check it out!

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