Meet Eclipse Fire & Safety

Owner Spotlight – The People Behind The Business

Meet Jason Lamb, a partner with Eclipse Fire & Safety, a locally owned business in Brandon, MB.

Jason and his team have been offering services focused on a variety of fire and safety needs since May of 2018. This includes services to both residential and business sectors including oilfield, construction, agriculture, industrial, infrastructure and institutional. They are happy to help your business, big or small.

Their team is qualified, knowledgeable and committed to providing an exceptional experience.

One of their core services is safety consulting, addressing the needs of their clients and their industry, to identify gaps in existing programs and help to strengthen those programs, or create the building blocks to create new safety programs, helping them achieve success at every step of the process.

Some of the services they offer include fall protection training, fire extinguisher services, and a wide selection of sanitation supplies, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), all while proactively sourcing the best quality products. Visit their website for a full list of products and services or give them a call!

“What do we need?” Is one of the most common questions Jason and his team hears each day. With their strong understanding of current safety requirements and standards, and by knowing what questions to ask, Eclipse Fire & Safety are able to meet their goal of providing individual solutions for the needs of their clients.

Jason said that the best part about dealing with clients is meeting their needs, sending them home happy and satisfied with the work that Eclipse Fire & Safety offers, and helping them meet their goals! “I love that part!” he said.

Located at 2015 Brandon Ave, Unit B, they invite you to stop by, give them a call, and ask questions because, as Jason says, that’s what they’re there for, that’s their job!

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On their website at Eclipse Fire & Safety

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