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Owner Spotlight – The People Behind The Business

Greg Barrows, the owner of Cameron Agencies is a busy guy!

Cameron Agencies is an insurance company in south western Manitoba, with locations in both Melita and Pierson. While the company was started over 70 years ago, Greg took over the entire ownership of the business in 2013, although that journey to ownership started taking place a decade prior to that.

Cameron Agencies is a full service insurance company with clients as far west as Alberta, as far north as Thompson and as far east as Morden. He attracts many far reaching clients because of his and his teams commitment to honest and timely customer service and through the referrals often provided by his clients.

About fours years ago, the company moved down the street in Melita to a new, modern location. The move allowed Greg to combine the operating locations of Cameron Agencies along with his other business Melita Resources.

Melita Resources is an oil company, with wells and a battery located in the Pierson / Lyleton areas of the province. Greg is the President of this company and over the past nine years has continued to drill and operate the business, through the ups and downs of the oil industry. The business is continuing to grow and thrive, in a big part due to the diligence and foresight Greg and his partners have demonstrated over the years. They are committed to the area and what to continue to develop economic spin offs for the region in the work they do.

Last year Greg was the President of IBAM (Insurance Brokers of Manitoba) and this year he moved in the role of Chair of this Board. He appreciates the changes the industry is facing, in balancing the desire to move to online, while protecting the needs of his clients and is committed to helping the industry to adapt where it make sense.

We hope our clients never need the insurance we sell them, but if they do, it is our responsibility to ensure they have the coverage to make it worth having invested in.

Greg Barrows

Greg loves to talk to young people about the opportunities that come from owning a business and the advantages of living in rural Manitoba. He truly is a “if life gives you lemons, then make some lemonade”, kinda guy!

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