Getting What You Really Want

Getting What You Really Want

You might never have considered this, but when you think about it, you are amazing at getting what you really want; the things you are really clear you want (or in some cases don’t want).

The problem isn’t in being able to get it, in as much as it is about getting crystal clear on exactly what you want.

Most people don’t like to get nailed down, so we talk in generalities; we want more money, better relationships, to grow the company, spend more time doing the things we like to do. Generalities lead to general results. It is a splay of energy. It is the what if?

I am sure you can relate to this example. We are currently working with a business owner, considering whether he should take on a new product line. It was going to mean putting up some up front capital, working with new suppliers and expanding his marketing. There was lots of potential in the new product and he had all the capability within his company to take it on. He had the money to invest and the product was complimentary to what he was already providing. So what was the hang up?

The hang up is the back and forth, the hedging of bets and the confusion created in his mind about whether or not you should or shouldn’t do something. If there is one thing you can be certain of, nothing is ever certain. Sure it is important to consider options and to do some research however, at the end of the day the power comes when you finally make a decision. The minute you make a decision is the minute you can get to work in creating something new.

Getting what you really want is always easier than the process you go through in determining what it is you actually want. In the case of our client, he needed to just make the decision, one way or the other and then to settle on the fact he had made the right one. He needed to get clear on what path he was going to take. I know I am making it sound like it was easy and in true fact it was. It came down to him needing one thing and once he had it, he decided to take on that new product line.

Thinking doesn’t create anything, except more thinking. The moment you decide, your focus changes from whether you should, to “what do I need to do?” This is where the power to create comes from. This is when results happen.

Time is a precious thing. It is something you will never get back, no matter how much money you have. If you find yourself hedging your bets, lying awake at night pondering what you should do and being consumed in the back and forth, you are simply wasting time. You will think you are busy and in true fact you are, but on nothing that will generate you the results you are looking for in the end.

The reason our clients are able to generate the results they do is because of one simple thing. They get clarity. They get the clarity and focus they need to tackle new markets, to take on new products, to get out of their heads and make running their business easier.

If you are waiting to get clear, then get crystal clear on what you are waiting for.