Building Your Market

How much should I charge

How Much Should I Charge

One of the biggest hurdles any small business owner faces, is the question of, “How much should I charge?” It is a question filled with questions; What if it is too much? What if I can’t make any profit at this rate? What are my competitors charging? Do I have a better product or service …

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customer service

Customer Services Is Critical

Customer service is critical. There is an often told story about Nordstrom that goes like this. One day a customer came in with an automobile tire, said it was the wrong size and he wanted a refund. The sales person thought it over and then refunded the man his money for the tire. What made …

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Practice innovating

Practice Innovating

One of the things we continually discuss with our business clients, is the importance of taking the time and making the effort to practice innovating. Back in the eighties and nineties, it was referred to as “thinking outside the box” or earlier this century it was, “pushing outside the boundaries”. While innovation and the process …

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