Jake Zorzos

Owner of Zorzos Auto Sales and OK Tire

“Knowing your secret sauce, makes all the difference.”

When I decided to expand my business, I was prepared for it to be challenging. I took on a brand new building, expanded my service offerings, and added new employees. It was my dream, but looking back I wasn’t prepared around the complexity that comes with running a multi-faceted business.

I decided to engage the services of Siere, because I was aware of how they had been able to help others. Cathy came in and worked with me, to get clear on how each of my business streams, while complimentary to each other, also each required their own processes and ways of being measured.

Over the year, she helped me understand the critical targets we need to meet in each area of the business in order to be profitable. Today, at any given point of the month, I know where we are and what needs to be done to continue to build my business.

I know cars. I know how to sell cars and how to provide exceptional service to my customers. This wasn’t enough to make real money. I had to learn “my secret sauce” and it has made all the difference.

Zorzos Auto Sales continues to grow and thrive because of the work we did with Siere.