Scott and Mindy Jamieson

Owners of Jamieson Construction

“The shift in mindset and vision has been life changing for us and our company.”

It is super exciting to finally have built a level of revenue and income, and a family business that will be sustainable for the next generation.

After struggling for 11 years to stay afloat, we had come to a crossroad; continue fighting on, or pack up the tools.  

With the financial stresses at the time, the idea of spending more money we didn’t have to save a struggling business was scary.  

After many sleepless nights we literally took a of faith and began working with the team at Siere. Looking back today, that decision should have been much faster and easier.

Jeff helped us realize a new vision for Jamieson Construction, and how to remove our own barriers as we entered into a brand new market.  

The impacts of these changes have been life changing for us and our company. 

That is, the new found strength, confidence and conviction in ourselves has yielded financial performance and profitability that is night and day to years prior.

We are both excited and optimistic about the future of our company and our ability to service our valued clients.  If you think you have no where to turn, call the team at Siere.