Homework Goes a Long Way in Hiring Good Employees

One of the biggest challenges business owners face, is in hiring good staff. I hear about how hard it is hard to find good talent and how there is no one out there capable of doing the work. This could be the case, but I would say that sometimes it is in how hiring is approached.
Let’s challenge some of your thinking and see if it helps to provide you with some different answers, to how you might approach hiring.

Overcoming Fear in Two Simple Steps

It was Lao Tzu who said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” I am not sure there is anyone who would disagree with this statement. It makes sense. On the surface, one step sounds like a pretty doable thing.
So, if it makes sense and it sounds like a good idea, then why is it people may be reluctant to take them? The answer is, the first step is pretty scary and sometimes it takes a bit to overcome the fear.

Brier Vision Translated into Reality…A Lesson in Teamwork

This week, our community is in the throws (no pun intended) of hosting the 2019 Tim Horton’s Brier. If you are not a curler, this will likely mean very little to you, but it is a pretty big deal to those who do follow the game. It is the Canadian Championship for Men’s Curling and the winner goes on to the World’s.

Who Is In Charge?

One of the toughest aspects in leading is in learning to control your emotions. Our emotions are the things that drives our behaviour and while on the one hand, they can be good, the opposite can also be true.

Selling is the Art of Listening

A couple of years ago, I went to a seminar and remember the guy on the stage talking about how the most successful people in the world, know how to sell, and it is one of the most underdeveloped skills in the business world.

Resolutions Can Happen in Thirty Days

Just this past week, one of my clients asked me whether I make New Year’s resolutions. The short answer is no, but the longer one could be interpreted a little different.
Every year on about January second, if you are a regular at a gym, you get to see the crowd of people who make those resolutions and before the end of the month have simply disappeared. We have all, at one time or another, done this and were determined to make that change. Sadly, all of us have something else in common…it didn’t work.

The Cost of Not Investing In You

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to talk to an individual who attended this year’s Abundance 360 Summit. If you don’t know what this is, it is an event held annually by Peter Diamandis, where he invites 360 of the leading entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors committed to understanding the impact of exponential technologies.

Who Are You? – Who Do You Need?

Cathy and I had a great discussion this week on business owners and the types of owners we consistently run into. The equation of what makes an entrepreneur or business owner successful seems complex, but to us its pretty simple! Most often we run into business owners and partners and they have a mix of skills and predominant modes of thinking. We have heard it described with many names like the visionaries, the doers, the finders, the minders and the grinders. From our perspective though, there really are just two classes we run into;

Plans Without Action Are Just Dreams – Successful Strategic Implementation

Whether in managing a project, taking care of daily business, or in our personal lives, understanding and executing a strategic plan is key to the developmentof the enterprise and the growth of the individual. Sometimes it is easy to take for granted the need to do some sort of planning and to set out goals, because we are all busy and it can be easier to get caught up there, rather than have to answer those tough questions and to make some decisions.

Don’t Take It Personally – Dealing With Tough Employee Requests

In any workplace, one of the struggles many business owners deal with on a seemingly daily basis is, “doing what is good for the business versus managing the requests of employees for what they believe is good for them.” It is those questions like: “Can I take tomorrow off, I know it is short notice, but I really need the time?” or “I am heading up a volunteer committee, would you mind if I used the printer to print off materials?” or “My dog is really sick, so I was wondering if I could bring them into the office tomorrow…