6 Ways To Motivate Your Team

We All Could Use A Little Pick Me Up

Admit it…somedays it can be tough to get motivated. Your head tells you that you have lots to do and so much that needs to get accomplished, and yet your will just isn’t there. It happens to all of us.

So now add to that. You are a leader needing to be able to motivate your employees. How are you going to do that, when sometimes it is tough to get your own self moving?

Here are some ideas you can bring to your workplace, to help you do exactly that:

  • Gamify – If you are unfamiliar with this term, simply it means add some typical elements of playing a game to what you typically do. It could be things like point scoring, having a little competition between individuals or teams, building in some different types of rules to regular work. Make sure to change it up and add different rewards, to keep everyone engaged. If you are having fun, it is a whole lot easier to be motivated.
  • Recognition – Be sure to take a few minutes out of each week to recognize the accomplishments of your team. Not everyone likes to be recognized the same way, so where you can change it up a little. Recognition can happen through a note, an actual pat on the back with a little one on one recognition, or it can be by acknowledging someone in a meeting. It is easier to get motivated when you know it means something to someone else.
  • Change Up the Leader – Invite someone different to take on the lead role of a project or activity. It is tough not to be motivated when you are the one leading an activity. This not only helps with motivation, but brings in new ideas and different approaches, which can add to the strength of your team. What do you think people would do, if they were responsible for what you do?
  • Bring In a Speaker / TeacherInvite someone from your community or industry to come in and share their story or knowledge with you and your team. Have a topic and encourage the team to have a discussion with the speaker. This could be related to challenges being faced by individual. It could be about learning something new that is coming to your industry. The speaker could be someone who has a key message that needs to be shared.
  • Cross Training – People get tired and bored of doing the same old thing, day in and day out. Encouraging your employees to walk in each other shoes, can be a great way of keeping people motivated. We all like to learn new skills when we know we are supported and putting in place a cross training program can be the motivation to do exactly that. Let your employees shadow someone (it could even be someone outside of your organization).
  • Volunteer – There are countless things you and your team can get involved in, in your community. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have been able to help  someone else, looking to move forward a cause. This is not only a great team building exercise, but depending on the type of volunteering, it gives your employees the chance to use other “hidden” talents you didn’t even know they had.

It is tough to get motivated about doing the same old thing. We all need a little shot of something new, from time to time, to get our juices pumping. Don’t be afraid to try a number of different things with your team. Some will work out better than others, but regardless they will thank you, for thinking of them.

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