Dan Aberhart

President of Aberhart Ag Solutions

“There has definitely been a change…a change in my psychology around the business.”

There came a moment with the business when, as a result of a number of things that all happened at once, I was really worried and fearful about where we were going to go as a company.

We had gone through some great growth, but really didn’t have the systems or the skill, to put in place the structure and systems to sustain us over the long haul. As a result while we had the revenue, the bottom line was suffering and it wasn’t instilling a whole lot of confidence from our investor group.

Working with Siere, I have been able to get focused on putting in place a team and with their help, we have redefined our systems and processes to be able to take on the next level of growth for the business. 

I am clearer in my vision for Aberhart Ag Solutions and am confident that in working with Siere, we will be able to achieve that success.