Business Recovery Doesn't Happen By Accident...Be Sure To Include These Four Areas

This short program is for small business owners who:

  • have experienced a full or partial shutdown of their business as a result of COVID-19;
  • are looking for information about the things they should be consider when getting ready to re-open;
  • like to have a checklist or guide to make sure they don’t miss anything;
  • are willing to spend a little time listening to a video that will cover off why each of the points is critical in their recovery; and,
  • are interested at having access to business tools when it is convenient for them.

What is included in the program?

  • A downloadable checklist outlining the four areas you need to consider as part of your own recovery plan.
  • A video walking you though section by section, where Jeff and Cathy will share their experience on what you need to consider in being prepared for recovering and in looking at this as an opportunity to strengthen your business.
  • More importantly, you will have free access to Jeff and Cathy if you have any questions, simply by giving them a call or dropping an email.

“We are committed to helping small business owners in achieving success. After all, there is no one who works harder and deserves it more.”  Cathy Snelgrove, Senior Partner

Why do you need to get the program today?

  • Before you know it, there will be the opportunity to reopen your doors. You don’t want to get caught “flat footed” around something you might have missed.

  • Cathy and Jeff have worked with hundreds of business owners over the past twelve years. In that time, they have helped business owners recover from situations of strike, owner illness, work disruption due to fire, market shifts, etc. so they know the areas most important to focus on.

  • You need to get ahead of the pack in your planning so you are not cut short of supplies and critical items when everyone else is recovering.

  • This a chance to look at your business from a different perspective and see opportunities to expand your own business model. From recovery, always comes the opportunity for growth.

This program will only be made available for download until May 11, 2020...don't miss out!


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