Our Business Programs

Our programs are designed specifically with the small business owner in mind. We have crafted them not based on some theory, but on working specifically with hundreds of small business owners over the past decade.‚Äč

We know who you are, what you need and have built in the flexibility that allows you to run your business while improving your business. Your business is your pride and joy and you make the decisions…we are here to expand your concepts of what is possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I need your programs?

Generally a business owner is really good at the skill, trade or service that put them into their business in the first place. They learn about operating the rest of business based on the trial and error method of learning. This approach can be slow, time consuming and expensive, which means that the business owner usually doesn’t pay themselves what they are worth and puts in way more hours than they planned, when they got in the business.

We are in the business of knowing how the different elements of a business, when properly structured and integrated, yield efficiencies and growth opportunities that fundamentally adjust the profitability of your company. It is the skill we are as good at and you are in yours.

  • How are you different from my accountant?

We are not accountants, however we do deal with financial data as part of our engagements, because the effectiveness of the work we do, is demonstrated in the financial results of the company.

Your accountant is an expert in the financial structure of your business and is a critical component of your business team. They help you maximize your business related to financial reporting, owner compensation and tax planning, to name a few.

We look beyond the numbers of your business, to understand your goals within the business and evaluate the effectiveness of individual components and processes in the business. We then assist you in making the changes which are then reflected in your financial data.

We help you specifically within your business, to make the changes that yield results.

  • Can I afford your services?

Whether you realize it or not, learning to run a business by trial and error, is already costing you. It is costing you in lost opportunities. It is costing you in time and money, even though you likely don’t consider your own time. It is costing you as the business environment keeps evolving and you are simply trying to figure out what you need to do next to keep up. How many ideas have you started and never finished, because you moved on to something different? These things are costing you.

Engaging a business expert, is an investment in your business. One that should yield a positive return on investment and what is better, is that when they work along side you in your business, you retain the knowledge, that will last you a life time.

More questions….contact us…we would be happy to and answer them!