Kelvin Orr

“We where too busy chasing problems, rather than really fixing them”

We were running a good company but there always seemed to be such a scramble in everything we were doing. 

At first we really didn’t know where we needed help. Siere came in. They looked at our systems and processes and how they were working together. They identified where there were holes in our processes and helped us to put in the strucuture we needed to get really profitable.

I have been in business a long time and am confident in what it takes to run a business, but Jeff at times really pushed me in how we were doing the things we were doing. He made me look at how my people were working and challenged me to make some decisions that turned out to be great for my business.

The results have be terrific and I know that we all feel more in control of the type of work we are doing and are clear on where we can make real money in this business.