Brier Vision Translated into Reality…A Lesson in Teamwork

This week, our community is in the throws (no pun intended) of hosting the 2019 Tim Horton’s Brier. If you are not a curler, this will likely mean very little to you, but it is a pretty big deal to those who do follow the game. It is the Canadian Championship for Men’s Curling and the winner goes on to the World’s.

This week I had the chance to take in a few games and as I was sitting there, it was amazing to see the number of people involved in putting the event on. There were people at the information booth, processing tickets, selling 50/50 tickets, acting as security, helping to make sure the ice was top notch, and so much more. What was even better to watch was everyone making it look so very effortless.

Now I am sure there might have been an organizer or two, in the back rooms scrambling to make it all come together, but at the end of the day, it looked magical. This got me thinking about what it takes to bring a group of people together?The simple or not so simple answer is, a shared vision of success.

When everyone knows in which direction they should be pulling, generally they pick up a rope and put their backs into it. When they don’t, they stand around and look at the rope or just carry on doing what they normally do.

If you think about this in terms of business, where are you taking your team? What is your vision….the bigger picture? What does success look like?

Leaders are leaders because they are the ones expected to bring this to the table. They are the ones who have signed up for the job, but too many times they expect it will happen by change and instead they get busy doing other things, in avoidance of figuring it out.

It is such a cliché, but it is true. If you own a business, you need to spend time “working on your business, instead of in your business”. Here are some questions that will help you understand whether you are doing exactly that?

  • Do you have defined goals (SMART), written down, for the next 6 months, 1 year and 2 years? Vision can be tough initially to create, but goals are the intermediary to get there. Have goals helps you and your employees to know where they need ot spend their time.
  • Do you have a job description for yourself, updated annually? As a leader, it is important for you to be clear on what your responsibilities are and in fact, it is more important than knowing your employees. Your role needs to evolve every year if you are building that bigger picture and if your responsibilities haven’t, then it is a measure of your effectiveness in leading.
  • Do you consistently allot time in your schedule for it? Working on your business can be attending conferences and summits, it can be doing planning, it can be talking to an advisor or accountant, it can be talking to another leader or reading a book. The most important thing, is it is time where you are not getting caught up the “doing” of your day to day role. It is every bit as important as anything else you are doing, so create time in your schedule to make sure it is first and not an after thought.

Teamwork is created when there is something that requires it. Let me know say that again…teamwork is created when there is something that requires it. In other words, teams come together when there is something big to get done, when they have a shared purpose and they know the challenge in front of them, can not be tackled by one.

This week it has taken a small army to put together such a fantastic event. The entire group, from top to bottom recognized the role they need to perform, in sharing the vision of the leaders involved. They have remained focused on the goal and in doing all of this have demonstrated what most of us could learn, in growing our own businesses.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved, in teaching us all a lesson in teamwork translating a vision into reality!

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