Podcasts Worth Checking Out

Like many of you, in the last couple of years I have started to listen to a lot more podcasts. They are a great way to expand your thinking and to hear stories about and from some of the most amazing people.
I am often asked about the ones I listen to.

Emotionally Drained? Flip the Record

In times of uncertainty it can be difficult to stop running scenarios in your head, but what if I told you were creating more problems than you were solving? Its true, and here’s why.
Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling uncertain, not very often are you running scenarios where you have won a million dollars and are now driving around in the car of your dreams?

Change Is Not Easy For Anyone!

Change is not always easy. Especially when you are not the one initiating it.It can feel like the world is dropping out from underneath you, but maybe that is the way it should be….check out Cathy’s blog!

5 Things You Can Do To Build Your Business When Quarantined

In the last week or so, many business owners and leaders suddenly find themselves with some extra time on their hands. The businesses they have been so busy running, day to day, have now ground somewhat to a halt.
It’s a time filled with uncertainty. No one knows how long social distancing, and quarantining are going to last. No one knows the impact all this will have on your business. No one has the answers, but this doesn’t mean you can’t tip the odds in your favor.

Innovation is Born from “Why The Heck Not?”

Have you ever walked into a business and asked them if they could do something and when they tell you they can’t you think, “why not”? Have you ever had a customer come in and ask you for something and when you tell them it isn’t possible, they have asked you the same thing?
While it might frustrate you when you hear this question from someone else, in reality it is a question that begs asking.

Homework Goes a Long Way in Hiring Good Employees

One of the biggest challenges business owners face, is in hiring good staff. I hear about how hard it is hard to find good talent and how there is no one out there capable of doing the work. This could be the case, but I would say that sometimes it is in how hiring is approached.
Let’s challenge some of your thinking and see if it helps to provide you with some different answers, to how you might approach hiring.

Never Be Too Busy For Coffee

As the owner of a business or a leader responsible for a group of people within an organization, it is easy to get caught in the busy-ness that is generally your job.
Of course, there are always a lot that needs to be done; projects to complete, information needing to be passed along, new ideas to be implemented, you name it. At the same time, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Honesty Builds Great Employees

Many managers and business owners find the idea of giving feedback to their employees to be almost as much fun as cleaning dog poop off your shoe. Notice I said almost as much fun, but not quite.
No one really likes to hear they aren’t doing something well, so of course, we don’t necessarily like to be the one to point it out.

Get Outside Your Business to Grow It

If you are a small business owner, you will understand when I say, the size or ability of your organization is directly dependent on your level of thinking, as the one in charge of directing the game. For example, if you believe your team is up to any challenge, then you likely put in place things to test that out. If you believe the way you currently do something is the best way, then there would be no need to change it.