3 Entrepreneurial Beliefs That Could Be Hurting You

The crazy thing about starting and operating a small business is that the entrepreneurial beliefs you had that got you started, are often the ones that end up holding you back. Its kind of cruel, so many small business owners work their butts off and yet, never really get the success they hope for.

Do any of these describe you?

Belief #1 - I Know I Can Figure This Out

Has this ever happened to you? You offer a great product or service and yet a potential customer tells you they don’t need you, because they can figure it out on their own (there is Google, YouTube or the internet after all…lol!). You know they can figure it out, but you also know that likely it will take a lot more time and money, and in the end they likely won’t be happy. You have seen it before.

Same thing applies to your business and to your own beliefs. There are many aspects to a business and it isn’t that you can’t figure it out. It is about recognizing what you are good at, and realizing others are equally as good at what they do. When you are focused on doing the things that make you money, then it is easy to use others to do the things you don’t like to do, because you can afford them.

Business owners get caught in believing they can figure out anything, but waste a lot of time and effort trying to become mediocre at everything.

Belief #2 - I Can't Afford It

Some business owners, because they are not making a whole lot of money, choose to “cheap out” by trying to either do everything on a shoe string budget or telling themselves that something isn’t important, when really it is important to your success. 

The real consideration needs to be on whether their will be a return on the investment you make and and how long it will take to get that return. If I were offering you something and you would double your investment in a year, you would likely think that was an okay deal. But too many times, people look at the price tag and tell themselves they can’t afford it before they even understand the other. 

It takes money to make money and if you are struggling to make money, then likely you will continue to not make any money. When you get focused on doing the things you need to do to make money, then it is easy to afford to pay others to do the things that don’t. 

Belief #3 - I'll Do It Later

Hope is an amazing thing. We all need to have hope, but too many times business owners fall back to hope, when they run out of answers. Unfortunately, hope won’t build a business. Hope won’t help you get more customers. Hope won’t help you figure our how to increase your margins. Hope won’t help you sleep at night or spend more time with your family.

If you want something different, then you are going to have to do something different. We recognize that we may not be your different, but you will never know, either way, unless you stop putting off making the call. You only have so much time to make the money you need to make, to have the things you need to have. You deserve to get more out of your business….make the call!

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