We are a specialized management consultancy focused on helping owners of established small to mid-sized enterprises break through to the next level of performance and growth.

Our clients achieve great results

Average increase in revenue
Increase in profit
More personal time freed up
ROI in excess of our cost

It happens to everyone

A common tendency among businesses is to grow, plateau, and then stall — or even regress. This usually happens gradually, and is often difficult for business owners to recognize the cause and correct the problem.

Common symptoms

Your leadership + our coaching

Even the superstars need a coach. We focus on understanding what you want from your business, charting a path to get there, and coaching you along the way.

The chemistry

We help your business – and you

Returning to growth and profit requires that your business, and you the owner, are focusing on the right things.

Best practices

100% guaranteed results

As a business owner you are accustomed to taking calculated risks. Hiring Siere will not be one of those. Your ROI will exceed your investment. Guaranteed.

How it works

Jeff Roziere
Jeff Roziere
Through diverse organizational leadership experience, Jeff has come to believe that the cornerstone of any company, organization, or team is its people — and when you can inspire and motivate them, then amazing things happen.
Cathy Snelgrove
Cathy Snelgrove
Cathy’s combination of education and management experience in both the technical aspects of business along with human dynamics are behind her unique ability to get the most out of people and business.

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We are driven to assist owners of small to medium-sized businesses grow and expand their business.

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